Away from the village, in the heart of old Gogolewo, close to the river, there is a special place the atmosphere of which is almost magical, making you sink into reflection – an old manor house. The building is currently undergoing a complete overhaul.

  Owners of the manor house in Gogolewo intend to create the Home of Artistic Creativeness for photographers and fine-art photographers – a place where cyclical photographic meetings could take place, educating photography enthusiasts. Guests of this future center of photography will be provided with access to a professional photo studio and a darkroom. Such facilities shall enable the organization of educational workshops. Moreover, the owners are scheming to arrange meetings with authors and house photography exhibitions, allowing the students to meet their masters.In the Home of Artistic Creativeness, there will also be a gallery of artistic photography, where connoisseurs and collectors would be able to purchase the most exceptional works.

  Now, be careful not to confuse Kazimierz with Gogolewo – the former is the home of painters, enchanted by the Vistula river, while the latter muses at the Warta river and shall continue the legacy of daguerreotypy!